Introducing: Autumn Knight – Christmas Without You (feat. Hovland)

Nashville-based pop singer/songwriter Autumn Knight presents her first Holiday duet with life partner, bass player/collaborator Hovland, titled Christmas Without You. Most of the production revolves around an acoustic guitar. Its emotionally charged melody is powerful. Vocals are clear, allowing the listener to concentrate on the lyrics.

Having lost both her mother and father in her 20’s, Autumn reflects on a nostalgic sentimental Christmas season without her parents. “This is my first recorded holiday song — a double entendres about the Holidays with and without our loved ones,” says Knight. “I wanted to create a song that captures the Christmas spirit for all — on earth and in eternity.”

Christmas Without You‘s relatable aspects will keep you listening non-stop. Rather than writing a song for just a particular group, Autumn wrote one for everybody. I believe it’s destined to become a classic. Check out the audio below!