Introducing: Solstice – Amis

Solstice hails from Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Just recently, she released her debut EP, named Amis venez à moi. The opening track, Amis, starts things off well. It sounds like a mixture of Stromae and Angèle, I’d say. In this production, catchy melodies and half Latin half African rhythms accompany calming harmonies and signature vocals. For me, it’s iconic.

Regarding the track, Solstice explains: ”Amis is an invitation to all the people we call lifelong friends, to join me on the dance floor, on the roads, on the networks – well in everything. which can be both a party and its substitutes!”

Poetic undertones permeate Solstice’s lyrics. Nonetheless, their message is simple and straightforward. Check out Amis below!