Introducing: Adee Gershon – I’ll Be Seeing You

Israeli singer-songwriter Adee Gershon crafts music with an atmospheric tone. Her latest release, I’ll Be Seeing You, achieves a striking sound by focusing on intricate arrangements. Convincing vocals whirl around the melodies and progressively become more compelling. In the background, layered harmonies provide soothing tones.

When speaking about the track, Adee says: ”This song was written while I was struggling depression, a time when I couldn’t see myself as I really was and thinking I might not have ‘IT’ in me.”

Yonatan Albalak’s intelligent production accentuates the lyrics and their overall message. A heartfelt writing style showcases Adee’s talent for expressing herself effectively. I’ll Be Seeing You is destined to become a classic.

Check out the audio below!