Introducing: Maddy Brown – Wiser

We’ll know the feeling of listening to a song that speaks to us, one that feels like it was written just for us. Sometimes, that’s because it was! If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by this certain track but aren’t quite sure why, read on… Wiser captures what everyone is searching for in music: an artist who can connect with their audience. The production of the song is fairly easygoing, as it mostly consists of an instrumental playing behind Maddy’s vocals along with some occasional drums. The lyrics just come from the heart and they’re sincere.

Wiser is a narrative and autobiographical song about finding your footing after a breakup, recognizing your worth, and eventually being able to be straightforward and voice your emotions. It’s based on Maddy’s experience of realizing that she wasn’t the right match for her long-term relationship. With Wiser, Maddy is acknowledging her needs within a relationship as she openly expresses her repressed feelings and honors her experience through her songwriting.

Maddy’s debut single has already captured many listeners’ interest with its mellow but poignant soundscape as well as powerful meaning behind the words sung. Check out the audio below!