Introducing: Haiden – Can’t Hurt Me

Haiden is the next pop sensation because of his relatability and emotional realism in his music. It seems his latest single, Can’t Hurt Me, is about his ex’s red flags, and how he’s learned from the experience. Haiden lays it all out there in this song, and that’s why it’s so powerful. But the music itself can also be regarded as incredible. The production for this track is of the highest level, with a shimmering texture that gives it an upbeat and contemporary tone. It demonstrates how pop has evolved and it sets the bar for what we should expect from upcoming artists.

This single proves that Haiden is a force to be reckoned within the pop industry, and it’s only the beginning of the journey that this artist will take. These lyrics are some of his best to date, and they give us more insight into who he is as an artist while still keeping some mystery. We’re not going to say you should listen because we wrote a blog post about it, but there’s a lot of reasoning behind why Can’t Hurt Me is an influential anthem. This song is destined to be played in everyone’s car for weeks on end; don’t miss out!