Introducing: Nathaniel Paul – Turpentine

We’re living in an age of information overload. The amount of content that’s made available to us on a daily basis is staggering and it can be difficult to keep up. Not only is the sheer volume of content overwhelming, but the type of content that we’re consuming is also having an effect on our culture. Nathaniel Paul’s latest song Turpentine¬†looks at the homogeneity created by the overconsumption of media such as news, social media, and the internet in general.

The music video for Turpentine shows Nathaniel hanging upside down to illustrate the song’s message. He explains that he thought it wouldn’t be all that bad, but when he actually did the stunt, he realized how dangerous it was. Despite the risks, he says that he decided to go ahead with the video to show how unpredictable the times we live in can be.

The overconsumption of media has become one of the biggest problems in our society. It has caused us to become numb to the world around us and has resulted in a loss of empathy. We need to find ways to unplug and get closer to our natural surroundings.