Introducing: Rosalía – Candy

La cantante Rosalía durante una sesión de fotos en Barcelona. febrero 2022

Everybody has been there: you have an ex who was once hugely important in your life, but now they barely cross your mind. You don’t dislike them, you’re just not as interested as you once were. This can be for a number of reasons, but usually it has to do with the fact that your lives have taken different paths. As time goes on and you meet new people, do new things and grow as individuals, your former love loses relevance. It’s totally natural and nothing to feel bad about. They’re still a part of your past for a reason, but they no longer occupy the same space in your present.

When Rosalía sings about her ex, she does so with a sense of nostalgia. This person once meant the world to her, but now seems like a distant memory. Candy reflects the complicated feelings that come after a breakup. On the one hand, there’s sadness and loneliness. But on the other hand, there’s also relief and happiness that comes with moving on. Though it takes time, you eventually forget the person.