Introducing: The Bittersweets – Cannonball

Have you ever had a dream or a goal that you were so afraid to go after that you never pursued it? The Bittersweets talk about this uncertainty in their new song, Cannonball. According to their lyrics, most people are their own worst enemy.

We often find ourselves paralyzed by fear. What if we make a wrong move? What if we try and fail? What will people think? We spend so much time worrying about what might happen instead of actually living. We get stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and criticism that keeps us from ever taking chances. And that’s such a shame, because we only have one life to live. So why not go for it? Jump on that cannonball and fly through the night with no idea where you are going to land or if you’re going to be okay. You might just surprise yourself.

The acoustic guitar is the most prominent instrument in Cannonball, followed by the bass guitar and electric guitar. The baritone guitar provides a low depth to the sound, while the drums and percussion keep the beat. The banjo is played in a bluegrass style, which gives the track a bit of a Western feel. And finally, the accordion rounds out the sound with its characteristic wheezing tones.