Introducing: ALVA – Ocean and Moon

Did you know that the tides are influenced by the moon? The gravitational pull of the moon affects the water in the oceans, creating high and low tides. Well, guess what? You can use the same concept to attract your soulmate! Just as the moon’s gravity pulls the tides in the ocean, its energy can help to pull in your soulmate. All you need is a little bit of lunar magic and some positive intention. Start by writing down your preferences for a relationship on a piece of paper. Then, find a spot outside where you can see the moon (preferably on a clear night). Face the moon, raise your paper up towards it, and recite the following incantation: “I’m the ocean and you’re the moon. Your gravity pulls me and I flow to you”.

Even if you’re already in a relationship, you should find ways to connect with your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to do something extravagant or expensive—in fact, small, everyday gestures are often the most meaningful. Make time for each other, even if it’s just 10 minutes in the morning or evening. Talk about your day, your plans, your thoughts and feelings. Connecting on a deep level is one of the key foundations of a strong relationship.

The lyrics of ALVA’s new single Ocean and Moon are all about love and connection. They’re sweet and sentimental, making you fall in love with your partner all over again. This song discusses how we can find connection with our partner even in the midst of chaos chaos and how we can find peace in one another’s company.

Ocean and Moon is everything we need right now. The soft instrumentation and very dreamy vocals make it a perfect getaway from reality. Thanks, ALVA, for giving us this incredible gift!