Introducing: Kira Metcalf – contact

Kira Metcalf’s latest single, contact, is an insightful exploration of what it means to crave human connection. We all want to feel seen and heard. It’s what makes life so much better. But sometimes, the need for contact can become dangerous. It can lead to fear, and to power plays. We’ve to be careful, because the line between desire and madness is often a thin one. However, as long as we remain aware of what we want, we’ll be able to keep that line in check. And we can continue to crave, and seek out, those moments of true connection.

If you were familiar with Kira prior to contact, you’d know she leaned more towards grungy/indie rock songs. This is definitely a new direction for her, but it works so well. The pop production is slick and streamlined, and Kira’s voice sounds better than ever. contact proves that the singer-songwriter can create quality music no matter the genre.