Introducing: Lyrah – Sorry CVS

Lyrah’s new single, Sorry CVS, talks about the criminalization of healthcare in America, and how the system is designed to make life more difficult for the people who need it the most. She wrote it with her brother shortly after he was diagnosed with a serious illness. It didn’t appear that the staff were very sympathetic to his situation, since they charged him for their mistakes. Although the song’s subject matter is heavy, its tone is lighthearted. Lyrah and her brother wanted to turn a negative experience into something that makes people laugh and feel happier.

The production of Sorry CVS is definitely worth taking notice of. It has been crafted by Nick Booth and Jon Wienner, who have both worked on other songs that were commercially successful. They know what they’re doing. The addition of guitar by Benji Cormack from Slenderbodies makes this¬†song even more expansive musically.