Music Premiere

Premiere: Michi – Turn it Off


The award-winning international LGBTQ+ Folk Artist and Entertainer Michi has released today her new single Turn it Off, a track which knows to impress. I am a big fan of the vocal performance, it is so quirky. Beside, the guitar-driven melodies are well structured and create a wonderful soundscape. Furthermore, I also love the lyrics that are about an experience we are all too familiar with: falling for someone who doesn’t love you back but strings you along.

It is certain that Michi has made some great music again and that she inspires again lesbians all around the world with a track how is about real experiences and relationships with other women. Consider Michi a modern day Gaylor Swift.

Michi-37 (1).jpg

Turn it Off is a track that needs all the attention, it has all the elements of a proper hit, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible and feel the good vibes!


Do not hesitate and add Turn it Off to your playlist(s).

You can stream Turn it Off down below on Spotify!