Introducing: Kirrah Amosa – Nothing On Me


Independent solo artist Kirrah Amosa has released not long ago her new single Nothing On Me and it is a real gem. I am a big fan of the catchy melodies which know to impress the listener. In addition, the vocals are sublime and will create a wonderful atmosphere. Furthermore, I also adore the meaningful lyrics, it a thanks to those that have sent their love and support when things got rough for Kirrah a few weeks ago after her appearance in The Voice.

You can say without any doubt that Kirrah is a real star, she had a hard time after The Voice, but continued and did not quit, so be sure to stream Nothing On Me as soon as possible and feel inspired by this brilliant piece of music!


Do not hesitate and add Nothing On Me to your playlist(s).

You can stream Nothing On Me below on Soundcloud or Spotify!