Introducing: Nea – Some Say


Swedish artist and groundbreaking songwriter Nea (real name Linnea Södahl) has released recently her amazing debut single Some Say. I really like the catchy melodies which create a sensational musical soundscape. Besides, Nea her vocals are sublime, she has such a powerful voice. Moreover, I also adore the innovative ryhtyms and dynamic elements!

The story behind Some Say is just like the sound very impressive. Nea describes, ”We wrote the song after a conversation with a friend of ours. He is gay and is in love with his friend, but this friend is in a straight relationship. The song is about love that you can’t attain but that you can’t give up on.”

There is also made a music video for Some Say and it looks grandiose. Nea reveals, ”We wanted to make the video as real as possible, so we cast real couples instead of actors. I think it shines through in the video that their love is honest and that their stories and struggle to get to that love is real. The director, Leo Adef, did an amazing job making this vision a reality.”

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Without any doubt you can say that Nea has made incredibly good music, Some Say is a track that you want to hear quite often, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

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Do not hesitate and add Some Say to your playlist(s).

You can stream/watch Some Say below on Spotify or YouTube!