Introducing: UPSAHL – Smile For The Camera


Pop sensation UPSAHL has released recently her new single Smile For The Camera, an awesome piece of music. I really like the sublime vocals which have a steady focus and showcase new musical visions. Besides, the highly empowering chorus is grandiose. Furthermore, I also adore the organic instrumentation.

The story behind the track is just like the sound very impressive. UPSAHL says about it, ”Smile for the Camera is an ode to my generation. We’re the generation that doesn’t put up with bullshit. We’re comfortable in our own skin. We move fast, and we’re unapologetic to anybody that stands in our way.”


You can not deny that UPSAHL has made incredibly good music again, so be sure to stream Smile For The Camera as soon as possible and feel free to sing along out loud!


Do not hesitate and add Smile For The Camera to your playlist(s).

You can stream  Smile For The Camera below on Soundcloud or Spotify!