Introducing: Yasmine Gill – Feel

Feel is one heck of a song. It’s emotionally charged, powerful, and cathartic all at the same time. The lyrics convey an atmosphere of introspection, the vocals are nothing short of mesmerizing, and the instruments blend together beautifully. There’s a universal message here that everyone can identify with. Feel talks about losing the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, at a very low point in life.

When you’re looking for a song that will make you feel more peaceful, you cannot overlook this one. It’s unique in the sense that it doesn’t follow the typical structure of a sad song. It’s worth streaming because it will leave you wanting more from Yasmine Gill who brought us a different kind of style that deserves all the recognition for its greatness. After hearing Feel once or twice, it’ll be stuck in your head all day – and we mean that as the highest compliment possible. It doesn’t sound generic or overproduced – really, you can’t go wrong with this track!