Introducing: talker – Don’t Want You Love Me

talker is a promising artist who knows how to get her name out there. Don’t Want You To Love Me provides the right amount of musicality, production value, and personality to succeed. Not only does talker has one of the best voices in the game but her songwriting abilities are through the roof as well. All around, Don’t Want You Love Me will keep you bopping your head and tapping your feet to the drumbeat, making it very difficult not to enjoy it.

Regarding the track, talker says: ”When your past shows up to haunt you, you have to decide if you’re going to open the door. And when someone comes back, you have to weigh the options and use your best judgment to see if you’re willing to put yourself through the ringer again for them. In my experience, it’s easy to say you don’t want someone to love you. It’s easy to just block anything that knocks you off your course. It’s a lot of he loves me/he loves me not/will they/won’t they – but sometimes you have to silence your rational thoughts and trust your emotions. This song is me doing exactly that.”

It’s always refreshing to hear a new pop single that manages to sound familiar while simultaneously offering something different. Don’t Want You Love Me has something special about it; whether you’re talking about its terrific audio quality or earworm melody lines, this new pop music hit from talker will keep you coming back again and again!