Introducing: Kate Keller – ghosts

Kate Keller’s latest single, ghosts, is a light and airy pop ballad with a touch of modernity. The convincing vocals and heartfelt lyrics make for a wonderfully sentimental song. This one has some soulfulness in it that most current hits don’t possess; this isn’t some type of cheesy pop song with simple lyrics; instead, there is an emotional depth here that elevates Kate to a higher level.

When speaking about ghosts, Kate says: ”This song was written when I first moved from New York (where I’m originally from) to Chicago in the summer of 2021. I was grappling with feelings of longing for a person I wasn’t yet ready to let go of, while knowing that the longing was futile given the distance.”

What we like most about ghosts, though, is the guitar solo. It’s remarkably done and really makes the song sparkle in our opinion. ghosts provides the soundtrack for a moody Sunday morning or a slow evening drive!