Introducing: Visen – Muse

Acoustic instruments are always a delight to hear in a song. They just have a way of adding a layer of subtlety that can be really compelling. In Visen’s new single Muse, the acoustic guitar is prominent. It gives the song a folksy feeling and provides a warm backdrop for the vocals. With lyrics that are relatable to most people and a sound anyone can enjoy, this is one of Visen’s best singles yet.

If someone asked me to describe Muse in one word, I’d say ”enthralling.” With the complexity of today’s music, it can be easy to find yourself listening to a song that doesn’t really justify your time. Muse might change your mind about contemporary artistry. Visen effortlessly blend in influences from past decades while still creating something fresh and exciting. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Visen, and we’re sure that their fans will stick with them through thick and thin.