Introducing: Kitty Rae – When Everybody Is Sleeping

Kitty Rae, an emerging Aussie pop singer/songwriter, could define the future of pop music. With When Everybody Is Sleeping, her latest single, she offers slick riffs and bright melodies. Of course, the artist’s signature vocals are also present. A rich and pulsating chorus completes the production.

When Everybody Is Sleeping explores the freedom of escaping reality through late night adventures. Rae explains: “I wanted to create that feeling when you’re out with people you love and you can let go of the pressures you feel in everyday life. There is a powerful freedom in those moments that I wanted to capture. This song is a quiet release, a big deep breath in and out.”

I’d call Rae a rising star. With each release, she continues to make a significant impact on the music industry. Check out When Everybody Is Sleeping below!