Introducing: Erin O’Neill – Take It Easy

Letting go of what doesn’t serve us is one of the fundamental steps to personal growth. Whether it’s an old grudge, an unhealthy relationship, or negative thoughts and emotions, holding onto them only serves to weigh us down. Breaking old habits is another way to grow. If we want to create a new, better version of ourselves, we can’t keep doing things the same way we always have.  After we’ve let go of our old habits and broken them, it’s time to settle into peace. This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy from here on out – there will still be challenges and hard times. But with a foundation of peace and self-acceptance, we’re better equipped to face them directly.

Erin O’Neill’s latest single, Take It Easy, deals with the topic of finding peace in life. The song’s production hits all the right notes, It begins with a lo-fi groove that has a soothing effect. Lilting vocals soon join the mix and carry the listener on a journey before giving way to a soaring guitar solo. This guitar solo sounds excellent as it contrasts perfectly with the slower verses. It lifts the song to new heights and leaves you wanting more.