Introducing: Bluie Ryan – Scorpion

Singer-songwriter Bluie Ryan shares her new single, Scorpion. It begins with mellow, soulful components that evoke a mystical atmosphere. As the vocals enter, the sound becomes increasingly lively. A lot of detail is put into the production. You can clearly hear Ryan’s vision. It makes the music even more captivating for me.

Ryan explains: ”I wrote this song about the challenges of dating when you’re an all or nothing intense af Scorpio moon like me, and I get misunderstood and objectified by guys but I really want to be seen for all that I am. But I guess I’m a bit of a tease at the same time, and maybe I’ve objectified myself, but mostly it’s because I don’t trust easily. You have to earn my trust!”

I think this is one of the greatest songs I’ve come across recently. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in a different world while paying attention to it. The lyrics are insightful, meaningful, and profound. Check out Scorpion below!