Introducing: Marianne Gavin – to the ocean

There are times when you just wish for the sound of melancholy to surround you. Especially when the weather is cold and you have no choice but to stay indoors. In your dreams, however, you’re elsewhere. The lyrics of Marianne Gavin’s new single, to the ocean, perfectly describe the feeling of being confined and wanting to escape. The song is soft, and it’s about wanting to go to the sea and look at its waves. The waves are like our emotions going up and down constantly. Marianne has spent a lot of time trying to turn emotions into lyrics.

Taking a closer look at the song’s arrangement reveals some interesting complexities. You’ll be marveled at how cleverly made this track is as you listen to it more and more. Everything has been thought out to the smallest of details. Marianne can put her best performance forward thanks to the instrumentation of to the ocean.