Introducing: Cassidy Mann – Fine

Fine takes a closer look at the conflicting feelings you experience during a breakup. It talks about having doubts and not knowing what to do. In this situation, making the right choices might be difficult. After a broken relationship, it’s common for people to overthink each decision countless times in their heads. Cassidy knows what points to emphasize during Fine and doesn’t deviate from them much. It makes the lyrics more concrete and less cryptic.

For this song, Cassidy aims for an up-tempo style of music that sounds like Indie pop. The light-hearted nature of the arrangement allows the lyrics to be prominent. After all, they’re the song’s most significant feature. Cassidy sings without missing a beat. She actually doesn’t need much to make her presence noticeable.

Cassidy wows us every time we hear one of her songs. None of them are bad. She’s an artist who prioritizes consistency over anything else. We’re eagerly anticipating her next work.