Introducing: esmerelda – Too Much

Esmerelda has been very busy taking her career to new heights over the past few months. Because of her knowledge and proficiency, she can write songs that cover a multitude of genres, which gives her a better chance of reaching a greater audience and gaining success. Too Much is relatively down-tempo, with the instrumental playing mostly as a background accompaniment for the vocals. This time, the lyrics have the most importance.

Too Much talks about panicking after not being able to get what you want fast enough. It’s also about comparing yourself to your friends on social media and evaluating your entire life and wondering what you’re doing wrong. You feel like you’re not as successful as others and that you’re failing.

Esmerelda admits in this song that she can be too overconfident and loud in order not to disappoint anyone and avoid the pressure to meet expectations. Since we can’t escape what society wants us to believe, I think we can all be overwhelming at times. This makes Too Much seem so relevant.