Introducing: Claire Maisto – when does it end?

Whenever you hear Claire Maisto’s music, you feel and think, “How did she do that?” She has proven herself unimpeachable from the beginning of her career. With its mysterious guitar melody, when does it end? brought me back down to earth temporarily. In those moments when you’re unsure where to go, Claire’s vocal guides you in the right direction. Even after the song is over, the sound of her voice reverberates across time and space. The instrumental has been tailored to Claire’s unique singing style. Drums on this production work well because they aren’t too heavy, which keeps the sound very melodic.

R&B and music in general are at the dawn of a new era, and this song symbolizes that for us. I only wish there were more songs as good as when does it end?. Claire should really consider making an album. If she did, wouldn’t that be fabulous?