Introducing: Rumia – What A Show

The lyrics to What A show follow three women ages 19, 30, and 50 years old as they explore the different relationships within themselves. The song is inspired by Rumia’s own life; 30-year-old Rumia takes an introspective look at herself and past relationships, exploring how she felt as a teenager and how those feelings have matured throughout the years, while at the same time looking ahead to how she may feel in the future.

What A show is truly a song for all women. It can be challenging to move through life’s stages, and this song lets us know that we’re not alone in feeling the way we do. Rumia also wanted to provide an escape with this new single; she wants listeners to put themselves in her shoes and feel like they can overcome anything. Rumia has incredible plans for the rest of 2022, so be sure to follow her for updates.