Introducing: dezabel – Why I Really Need

It’s no secret that hate and resentment are among the most prevalent emotions during times such as these. It takes your focus off of what’s positive about the world. When you look around you have so many things to be grateful for. All it takes is two open eyes to realize this. With their song Why I Really Need, Swiss duo dezabel draws attention to the importance of love and diversity in society.

Why I Really Need is about the one person you can fully be yourself with. That person knows you so well that they are able to heal your vulnerabilities for you. Probably all of us can also relate to the lyrics. After hearing it, you’ll be able to regain your faith in the future. Even just reading them relieves some of the stress that you might be feeling lately. It allows you to temporarily diverge into an optimistic mode of thinking. To Dezabel, this means they have achieved their goal. You’ll find comfort in having the trust that there’s always someone who’s willing to help you the moment you need it.