Introducing: Chiara Dubey – Parallel Universe – Live Session

Parallel Universe is the story of Chiara Dubey’s life. The song was written during a difficult time for the singer-songwriter. Dubey was living in London with her loved one at the time – one of the happiest chapters of her life – but for several reasons, eventually she decided, heartbroken, to move back to Switzerland, her homeland. The lyrics of the song perfectly portray the emotions of that time: the feeling of being torn between two worlds, the pain of leaving everything behind, and the hope for a better future.

Dubey has never been afraid to sing about things that are close to her heart. Only a handful of folks can convey their feelings with such authenticity as she does. When it comes to Dubey’s sound, it’s almost as if it’s from another planet. There are no words to describe the power of her music, but I can assure you that it will affect you.