Introducing: Trynket – Picture (In My Brain)


Trynket is back with her new single Picture (In My Brain) and it sounds as expected grandiose. I really like the diverse type of sounds, the unique drums are amazing, for example. Moreover, Trynket her delicate vocals open new musical roads, she has such a quirky voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the electronic textures!

Speaking about the track, Trynket says: ”I started writing Picture (In My Brain) when I was reflecting on the huge lessons I learned after a painful breakup and realizing that adulthood was nothing like what I had dreamed or expected it to be growing up. I think every young adult kind of goes through this type of thinking process after they make their first big mistakes in life. It’s always a shock to the system at first, but what healed and saved me during this dark time in my life was music. It’s what kept me sane amidst the chaos and everything that was falling apart around me and is pretty much the only way I’ve been able to make sense out of anything in this life. This is why, for me, music is a really spiritual thing and a blessing that I’ll always be grateful for. The last section of Picture (In My Brain) is basically one big celebration about music and how life-changing it is. So if there’s one thing I’d like for people to take away from this song – it would be how our passions and callings in life can be the necessary strength we need to help ourselves rise out of our most painful experiences.


Trynket is an super talented artist, Picture (In My Brain) has all the elements of a modern pop gem, so start streaming it as soon as possible!


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