Introducing: Erica Mason – Talks with Loneliness

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Erica Mason is an award winning hip hop and R&B artist/songwriter who is passionate about empowering people to find freedom through discovering who they are.

Talks with Loneliness is Erica her new single and it sounds grandiose. I really the groovy melodies which create multiple unique ambiances. Besides, the vocal performance is sublime and showcases new artistic roads. Furthermore, I am also a big fan the powerful chorus and the dynamic elements!

The lyrics are just like the sound very impressive. Erica addresses her own feelings of loneliness and exposes the truth of her emotions. While being surrounded by a crowd, Erica struggled with still feeling invisible. She talks about the importance of running to God to find true intimacy. When the heart has many voids, one is tempted to use comforts to fill that void.  Erica learned that avoiding the feeling of loneliness is inevitable, but through clinging to God in her emptiest moments, she realized that just because may you feel alone doesn’t mean that you are alone. God is present even when we can’t feel Him, and when we choose to run to him, we find the sound of loneliness is never louder than the presence of God.

You can say without any doubt that Erica has made real art, so make sure to stream Talks with Loneliness as soon as possible!


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