Introducing: Anja Kotar – Digital Diary


Nothing comes between Anja Kotar and her curiosity. The 22-year-old Berklee graduate has led a life of persistent pragmatism, leading directly to her career today. Her new releases will explore the relationship between youth and technology; speaking from her own experiences, she delivers a mature, nuanced perspective on contemporary life.

Digital Diary is Anja her new single and it sounds as expected grandiose. I really like the uplifting melodies which create multiple amazing landscapes. Besides, the vocals are sublime, Anja has such a unique voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic elements and the construction of the chorus!

When asked about Digital Diary, Anja Stated: “I came up with the idea for the song after finding a furry pink diary I used to keep as a child. I opened it up and started reading my thoughts, realizing that nowadays my phone replaced my pages. I wrote the song at my piano at home in San Jose and finished it with Noah Taylor in LA. We wanted to make something that can serve both as a ballad and a bop, something that gets you both thinking and dancing.”

There is also made a music video for Digital Diary. The visuals showcase many creative expressions.

You can say without any doubt that Anja has made real art, Digital Diary has all the elements of a gem, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible!

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Do not hesitate and add Digital Diary to your playlist(s).

You can stream/watch Digital Diary below on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube!