Introducing: KELAA – Serefe


The Swedish artist, songwriter and producer KELAA grew up in a musical family with traditional folk music from the Kurdish regions of eastern Turkey. While touring and taking the stage on the live folk music scene together with her sisters she also completed a masters degree in biochemistry, but her desire to release music for her own project could no longer be held back as she participated in the programme, ‘Who can become a producer?’ Swedish pop star Robyn and Popkollo created the latter with the purpose to create a safe space for female and transgender music producers to make music and to change the outdated view that a music producer always is a man.

Serefe is KELAA’s new single and it sounds as expected awesome I really like the powerful melodies which create grandiose musical landscapes full of new sounds. Besides, KELAA’s vocal performance is sublime, she has such a unique voice. Furthermore, I also adore the construction of the chorus!

Speaking about the track, KELAA comments: Serefe is the Turkish word equivalent of cheers. When you drink in honour of someone or something, you say Serefe. Serefe is about the desperation and pain in having to deal with the crisis that follows losing someone you loved deeply. It is about longing to drink and laugh together, to a point where you try to find rituals and strange ways to reconnect with the person who you’ll never meet in physical life again. It is written for everyone who doesn’t want to let go of the person they’ve lost- sometimes you just can’t accept such a blunt reality of someone being gone forever. It makes you vulnerable and small and you are ready to do anything to escape the feeling of loss.”

You can say without any doubt that KELAA has made modern art, Serefe is the definition of innovative music. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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