Introducing: Sarah Langley – Hallelujah


Classically trained from a young age, Sarah Langley has toured with various ensembles and choirs to perform in the world’s greatest venues: Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole Opry, and Venice, Italy’s Basilica San Marco, to name a few. But the folk music of her southern ancestors resonates even stronger. Her family’s deep musical history is evident in her colorful songs, with traces of mountain music and southern gospel in everything she writes. “My voice is just a mix of the voices before me, but the words and stories are from my own life.” She’s learned the music of the greats — but lives on “simplicity and craft. I build every song from the ground up, log by log.”

Hallelujah is a track by Sarah and it sounds grandiose. I really like the uplifting melodies which create bright atmospheres. Besides, Sarah’s vocal performance is amazing, she has such a powerful voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic chorus and the meaningful lyrics!

You can say without any doubt that Hallelujah has all the facets of a modern gem. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to sing along with Sarah while listening!


Do not hesitate and add Hallelujah to your playlist(s).

You can stream Hallelujah below on Soundcloud or Spotify!