Introducing: Nya – Electric

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NYA has never followed anyone else’s path. So, of course, she skipped a bunch of calculated career moves and jumped right in the studio with a live backing band for her third EP. Yeah: she went and unplugged, laid it all out there, and she’s only on her third short release. If you’ve been following her whiplash rise, then you know she’s already proven her mastery of classically tinged modern pop and R&B and came into her own almost as soon as she came on the scene.

The songwriter and heart-stopping vocalist has made nary a musical misstep, so to her fans, she might seem unstoppable, invincible even. It may be easy to forget that behind all that blinding talent, all that beyond-her-years confidence, there’s an actual vulnerable person in there. Sometimes she’s afraid; sometimes she’s lonely. What better way to let all that out than the live Hold On acoustic EP? No overdubs, no software tricks, just the unmistakable energy and vibe of a group of musicians holed up in a room, playing off each other. They nail the notes, sure, but more importantly, they catch NYA’s elusive kind of lightning in a bottle.

Electric is a track of Nya’s EP Hold On and it sounds as expected amazing. I really like the powerful vocals which have a steady focus. Moreover, the innovative melodies create unique landscapes full of new musical elements. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the grandiose rhythms and the well-written lyrics!

You can say without any doubt that Nya has incredibly good music, Electric is captivating until the last second. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to sing along while listening.

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Do not hesitate and add Electric to your playlist(s).

You can stream Electric below on Soundcloud or Spotify!