Introducing: ORKID – CloudsNdrivebys


The 23 year old lives in Stockholm-the capital of pop- but grew up listening to Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke. These contrasting influences manifest in ORKID’s ability to be both on trend and mature beyond her years. At only 16, she used the Idol stage to transition from performing small town gigs to playing on an international stage. In the next three years, ORKID completed her education, improved her songwriting and stage presence and developed into one of Sweden’s most exciting artist exports.

CloudsNdrivebys is ORKID’s new single and it sounds amazing. I really like the innovative pop melodies which create bright atmospheres. Moreover, ORKID’s vocals are sublime, she has a very powerful voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the catchy chous!

Speaking about the track, ORKID says: ”CloudsNdrivebys is almost like driving your car somewhere, but when you get to the location you don’t even know how you got there The whole ride you’ve been thinking about someone and the memories. Even if you’re hundred miles apart you still float on the words and the moments through the chaotic world we live in like a burning city. That person is still your life line.”

ORKID has made modern art, CloudsNdrivebys is a real masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to sing along while listening!


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