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Premiere: Bee Virginia – Won’t You

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Bee Virginia is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter serving up music that’ll beckon you like a hot morning coffee.

Won’t You is her new single and it sounds amazing. I really like the cheerful melodies which sound very expressive. Besides, the vocals are sublime, Bee has a powerful voice. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the catchy guitar riffs in the chorus!

Speaking about Won’t You, Bee says: ”​​The song grew from that feeling everyone knows or has known; the one where you’ve been working hard and it’s coming to the end of the week. The weekend arrives, the night settles in and its time to let loose, let your hair down, start feeling yourself ’til you shake all the worry off. She continues, ”​​Its a song about that initial attraction or crush (if you will), you have with someone. You can say it with eyes, body language or if, but rarely needed, words. The night progresses, you are fearless, you are painting the picture of the act in your mind. You are moving to wards the inevitable.”

Bee is very artistic, she showcases so many innovative musical elements on Wont’t You. The added ingredients create the perfect vibe. You want to hear the track over and over (and over).

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