Introducing: Jewls – Golden Rush


Jewls is an aspiring singer/songwriter based in Cologne. She fell in love with singing and writing her own music at the age of 10. In 2016 she collaborated with the german producer David Hasert and hereby discovered her love for electronica music. Ever since, she has been an avid explorer of new music and sounds to surround her voice with.

Golden Rush is JEWLS first single and it sounds amazing. I really like the dynamic melodies. Besides, the vocal performance is outstanding. Furthermore, I also like the warm textures!

On the single, JEWLS says: ”Golden Rush is about flings, flickery moments and unstable social circles. In a way it’s also about overestimating others and understating yourself. The shining of someones appearance can make you blind for their real selfs. So you start following them and perhaps lose yourself. It takes time to get back to old greatness and even though it can be painful to close a chapter, there will be some golden moments to remember and treasure.”

You can say without any doubt that JEWLS has made modern art, Golden Rush is the definition of good music. Be sure to stream it as soon possible!


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