Introducing: Jade The Moon – If I Had Lots Of Money


Jade The Moon is back with their new single If I Had Lots Of Money and it is as expected a track with character. I really like the grandiose vocal performance which knows to create new musical dimensions. Besides, the chorus is powerful and showcases an artistic insight. Furthermore, I also like the quirky melodic construction!

The lyrics are just like the sound very impressive. Jade The Moon says about the track, ”It’s not about money. It’s about finding happiness, and even more the pursuit of happiness. It’s all an adventure keep looking for the silver lining. At face value you might take from the lyrics that money can fix your problems. As people come to terms with an idea that material things aren’t the answer the real issues can come to the surface. We all deal with issues but to be honest we (the band) are all kinda tired of people singing about issues and never talking about solutions.”


You can not deny that Jade The Moon has made real art again, If I Had Lots Of Money has all the aspects of a real modern gem, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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