Introducing: Theta – Interlude


Independent singer-songwriter, Theta, blends dream-pop, folk and synth-pop, to create highly emotive dreamlike atmospheres.

The alias ‘Theta’ is inspired by the brain wave associated with deep creativity, meditation, dreams and insight. Because of the nature of her work, she released her first single, Stay on 10th October, World Mental Health Day 2019.

Theta has released recently her new single Interlude and it sounds impressive. The experimental elements showcase many artistic expressions. Besides, I really like the complex vocal harmonies. Furthermore, the lyrics are very meaningful!

Speaking about the track, Theta says: ”This is the 2nd single from my upcoming concept EP Leaving. The EP follows my introspective emotional journey of having a boyfriend with depression, progressing mid-way through to the aftermath of his suicide. ‘Interlude’ reflects on the moment of his death. For me, writing was a method of coping with the traumatic events in my life, by which, understanding the world, and processing the trauma I was experiencing. I relied so much on music to keep my head above the water, that I knew I had to release my own music in the hope it might reach someone who is going through a similar thing. I want to reach out to the people who share my pain and hope to encourage them that they’re not alone, which is how it can so often feel.” She continues: ”I also think my story is a great way to show that even through horrific circumstances, we can always find beauty and art and connection. I am not fame or fortune seeking, I really do want to make a difference to people in similar adversity, and hope to start/contribute to a community for connection and creative empowerment.”

Interlude has all the elements of a modern masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


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