Introducing: Bea Kadri – B4WBU (Before We Break Up)


Bea Kadri is a singer / songwriter originally from Beirut, Lebanon.

She has released recently her new single B4WBU (Before We Break Up) and it sounds amazing. I really like the laid-back melodies. Besides, the delicate vocals are captivating. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the powerful chorus!

The single is accompanied by a spectacular music video, directed by Kunai Lester. In the video, the ballerinas represent Kadri’s conflicted emotions and voices in her head while she is sat numb at a party.

On the single, Kadri says: ”This is a song about wishing time could stop so I could catch up with the reality sinking in that a love I once put on a pedestal needs to end. I’m unable to handle facing the emotions hence the hook “I need a break, before we break up”. This realization personally came after investing so much time and energy into a long distance relationship that came crumbling down when we finally came face to face.”

You can say without any doubt that Kadri is an artist who exactly knows how to make good music, B4WBU (Before We Break Up) has all the facets of a modern R&B gem. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

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Do not hesitate and add B4WBU (Before We Break Up) to your playlist(s).

You can stream B4WBU (Before We Break Up) below on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube!