Introducing: FYOHNA – Pity Love


FYOHNA is a numbpop trio from the wild edges of California.

They just released their new single Pity Love and it sounds magical. I like the floating melodies. Besides, the vocals are wonderful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the solid hooks and well-written lyrics.

The group says on the song, “Pity Love is an attempt to capture the moment you see the light fading in a lover’s eyes. The moment when you dim and feel small because you believe you’re not enough. When someone you love is so good at making you feel bad, you learn to love to feel bad. Pity love is a pat on the back when you need to be held, it’s an under appreciated ‘I love you,’ it’s a standard you’ve been set up to never meet. This song is a reminder that no one is entitled to your love, it is a gift you get to give. There is always a way out. Love is collaboration not self contortion.”

FYOHNA’s music creates new worlds. Pity Love is something else. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Pity Love below on Spotify or YouTube!