Introducing: Jaime Deraz – Lie


Jaime Deraz is a singer/songwriter. Her inspirations include Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac, Julia Michaels and The Japanese House.

She just released her new single Lie.

The song has a surreal quality. I like the quirky pop melodies. Besides, the hooks are solid. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the soothing vocals and uplifting elements.

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. Jaime shows a distinct shift in her typical songwriting style. A stark contrast from her typical sweet, sorrowful cadences, Lie combines an indifferent, seemingly detached tone with harshly straightforward lyrics.

Jaime also released a music video for Lie. Visually it looks cool. The clip really captures the essence of the song.

The singer/songwriter always makes good music. Lie has everything to be a hit. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Lie below on Spotify or YouTube!