Introducing: CXLOE – 12 Steps

Photo by Ash Lim

CXLOE is an Australian dark pop star on the rise.

She recently released her new single 12 Steps.

The song features quirky pop melodies, outstanding vocals, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, CXLOE delivers. She has an impressive writing style.

Tackling the inhibitive and often taboo subject of addiction, 12 Steps sees CXLOE step up to the plate to attack a subject close to her own heart. 12 Steps is about addiction. Addiction runs in my family and I’ve always wanted to tell my story in a way that felt comfortable to me and those around me,” CXLOE explains. “The song mirrors the steps of the program through the eyes of a toxic relationship. I’ve spent time over the years becoming familiar with the program and think it is as important to treat unhealthy, toxic relationships with the same attention. Whether the addiction is to alcohol, food, shopping or a person, it all comes back to pain. And that’s something I can relate to. Seeking something or someone to mask pain.”

Pledging her first week of streaming earnings to Lifeline, CXLOE adds, “Addiction needs to be spoken about and not treated as a taboo topic. This song has been written from my experiences and I have the utmost respect for those battling addiction and thank those strong people in my life for letting me shine light on these topics.”

The clip accompanying the single was directed and produced by Tia Thorne with cinematography by David Mckinnar and editing by Michael Ropbert. Shot in Melbourne, the clip shows a young woman (portrayed by CXLOE) battling her inner demons after a big night out chasing a feeling. It’s clear CXLOE is anxious about her choices as she pounds the pavement on a run and contemplates life under a running shower; an all too relatable feeling as a 20-something trying to make sense of the world.

CXLOE radiates power. Her music connects with people.12 Steps deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!