Introducing: Tiffany Stringer – Control

Photo credit: Lexie Alley

In Control, singer-songwriter Tiffany Stringer recreates the sound of the 2000s. Although it has nostalgic echoes, it succeeds in staying modern through its production techniques. The guitar line never gets boring and adds a nice melody to the background. Tiffany’s crystalline vocals are the focus for the most part.

As Tiffany describes the song, she says the following: ”I had an epiphany that my favorite moments in life are when I’m dancing, laughing, feeling hot + confident so I decided that I wanted to write songs that allowed me to have more moments with that feeling. This song is about me dancing with a hot boy on a rooftop and all the butterflies + excitement that come with a flirtatious date.”

This pop anthem has a surprising amount of energy. Soon it may become a chart-topper. Tiffany will gain many more fans if she continues to release music at this level.

Check out Control below!