Introducing: Jenny Kern – Where Did The Time Go

Jenny Kern is a Canadian-born Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter with a dreamy indie pop sound who gained global attention after debuting Slow Burn in 2019. Her latest single, Where Did The Time Go, sounds bigger and brighter than any of her previous efforts. Lush synths and vivacious rhythms enrich the narrative well, providing energy. When Jenny sings, she puts all her heart into it.

With Where Did The Time Go, the singer-songwriter offers an interesting commentary on the search for life’s meaning. It strikes the listener with a kind of honest confusion. Jenny asks the universe questions (“Where did the good go?/Where did it go?”) and seems to give up before they’re answered (“Cause I don’t know, I don’t know where to go anymore,” and later, “Maybe there’s nothing left/Maybe there’s nothing left”).

Where Did The Time Go presents a poetic vision. Check out the audio below!