Introducing: L’Asset – Even-Uneven

After the success of her prior single, Nomad, Synthpop artist L’Asset reveals Even-Uneven, a song with a strong narrative and danceable accompaniment. Bringing together these two factors leads to music that has significant influence. The song’s energy levels vary at different points, keeping it interesting.

In Even-Uneven, L’Asset shows the contrast between being completely sure one moment and unsure the next. Ups and downs, chaos and rest, and everything in between. Something that’s not always visible. L’Asset shows its existence and its willingness to help others with Even-Uneven.

L’Asset explains: “I now know that I’m resilient and that I can get up again when things aren’t going well. That’s why Even – Uneven has become a powerful, but light – hearted single. I hope I can let the listeners know that they’re not alone, that they can fully embrace and love themselves. I want to make neurodiversity more open to discussion because we’re all worth it.”

Even-Uneven carries a contemplative tone through a series of lyrics. L’Asset expresses her inventive talent to the fullest extent here. As a result, fans will be even more interested in future releases.

Check out Even-Uneven below!