Introducing: Hannah Crowley – Scrolling

Hannah Crowley is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland who is currently based in Los Angeles.

She just released her debut single Scrolling.

Fantastic piece of music. The song features unique guitar work, dreamy sounds, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Hannah writes with flair. Her lyrics are captivating. Every line tells its own story.

Scrolling captures the surreal ‘days without end’ feeling of these past few months. This was unfamiliar territory for all of us and Hannah felt that days blended into one. Many of us made plans and sometimes those plans would just dissolve into scrolling through our phones, reading about other peoples’ lives instead of focusing on our own. In her debut single Hannah set out to capture the mood of the moment and find expression for some of her emotions she was experiencing herself.

The singer/songwriter has so much talent. She’s a real artist through and through. Scrolling deserves 5 stars. I’d call it a masterpiece.

Check out the song below!