Introducing: Eden Dawn – Inertia

Eden dawn is an experimental artist from Plymouth UK.

The songs she has created for her first EP Invisible Work are a foray into gorgeous and lavish environments, and a testament to her songwriting ability and attention to fine detail.

One of the highlights is Inertia. Eden captivates listeners with sublime vocals, unique piano work, cool grooves, and memorable hooks. Every sound has its place.

Lyrically, Eden captures her personal journey. She writes with flair.

”Most of Invisible Work was a chance for me to experiment and play around, the thing I was most anxious about was writing lyrics, as I’m not the most open person. The first song Inertia, was the first time I had written lyrics for a song, and they’re all about how nervous I was to sit down and write,” Eden said to Happy People Music.

The artist makes really good music. Inertia deserves to be heard. Fantastic work. I’d call it a masterpiece.

Check out the song below!