Introducing: Shannon LaBrie – Angels Fall

Shannon LaBrie is a Nashville based singer-songwriter who brings life to insightful stories of a woman who remains true to herself in a life where only uncertainty is certain.

She just released new single Angels Fall.

The song features acoustic guitar melodies, sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, unique grooves, and solid hooks.

Shannon’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with her soul. Every line has meaning.

This song is about inspiration as well as grief. Inspired by the passing of her father when she was young, Angels Fall is about making your guardian angels proud and being resilient in the hardest of times. It’s a song that gracefully carries the listener and push them toward better things.

Shannon makes powerful music. She inspires people through her story. Angels Fall deserves to be heard.

The singer-songwriter’s new album comes out next week.

Check out Angels Fall below!